Name: Srivastava

First name: Amit

Function: Dr.

Affiliation: Centre For Asian And Middle Eastern Architecture (CAMEA), The University of Adelaide

Country: Australia



CV: Amit Srivastava is an architectural historian and theorist whose work focuses on 19th and 20th century architectural thought, with special attention to architectural materials and transnational exchange in construction. Having trained and practiced as an architect in India, Srivastava’s doctoral research focused on the use of brick in the architectural exchange between India and America in the 1960s, considered in the light of the unique socio-political condition generated by the preceding de-colonising and nationalist policies. As Director (India) of the Centre for Asian and Middle Eastern Architecture (CAMEA), he now continues to work on the architectural and construction history of colonial and postcolonial India, as well as transnational exchange between Australia and Asia. His latest publication India: Modern Architectures in History (Reaktion, 2015), with co-author Peter Scriver, analyses the long trajectory of modern architecture in India, from its naissance in the colonial world to the present. Srivastava has been an active member of the Society of Architectural Historians in Asia (SAH-Asia) and Australia/New Zealand (SAHANZ) for several years now, and now, collaborating with colleagues at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), brings this expertise to the 6ICCH as a member of the Scientific Committee.