Name: Shu

First name: Changxue

Function: Dr.

Affiliation: KU Leuven

Country: Belgium



CV: Changxue Shu (°1983) works on bridging the gaps between the built environment and histories of science and technology, responding to the issues in either field. From 2017 onwards she is a postdoc [PEGASUS]² Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at the Research Foundation Flanders, undertaking the project “Western Brick Heritage in China” in the Faculty of Engineering Sciences - Department of Architecture and the Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation, KU Leuven. In 2015-16 she worked at the Needham Research Institute, Cambridge, UK and the Institute for the Conservation and Valorisation of Cultural Heritage - National Research Council of Italy, Florence. She received her PhD in Preservation of Architectural Heritage from Polytechnic of Milan, Italy in 2013. She holds a BArch in Architecture and a MArch in History of Chinese Architecture, both from Tongji University, Shanghai China as well as a MSc in Urban Studies from Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany. She is an awarded member in the Society of Architectural Historians USA, and has initiated several interdisciplinary and international team works.