Name: Mascarenhas Mateus

First name: Joao

Function: Dr.

Affiliation: Lisbon School of Architecture, University of Lisbon

Country: Portugal



CV: Dr. Mascarenhas Mateus is Principal Researcher at CIAUD - Research Centre for Architecture, Urban Planning and Design, Lisbon School of Architecture, University of Lisbon, since 2015; Civil Engineer (IST, Technical University of Lisbon, 1987), MSc in Architecture (RLICC, KULeuven, 1992), PhD in Civil Engineering (IST, Technical University of Lisbon, 2001).

He is specialized in traditional masonry building techniques and in Construction History in Portugal. At the present he is leading a project on the reinforced concrete construction history in Portugal and former building cultures. He was the organizer of the First and Second Conferences on Portuguese Construction History (2010, 2015) and one of the coordinators of the First and Second Portuguese-Brazilian Congresses of Construction History (2013, 2016). He is President of the Portuguese Society for the Study of Construction History.

Dr. Mascarenhas Mateus has been a full research assistant at KULeuven (1993-1995). He is an Expert for the EC General Directorate X – Culture to evaluate projects of Cultural Heritage Preservation (1993-1997);  restoration project leader for the Portuguese Institute and the Portuguese Pontifical College, Rome (1996-2003) “Cultore della materia” at the Faculty of Architecture Valle Giulia, Univ. La Sapienza, Rome (2002-2004); technical coordinator of the Lisbon Baixa Pombalina Candidature to the World Heritage List (2003-2006); senior Researcher at the CES, University of Coimbra (2009-2014).