Name: Kurrer

First name: Karl-Eugen

Function: Dr.

Affiliation: Ernst & Sohn (a company of John Wiley & Sons)

Country: Germany



CV: Following his degree in civil engineering at Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences (1973/1974) Karl-Eugen Kurrer (°1952) worked as a structural timber engineer in Heilbronn. He then returned to university to study Civil Engineering, History of Technology and Physical Engineering Sciences at Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin). It was in 1981 that he completed his dissertation On the development of vault theory from the 19th century to today. In 1986, Kurrer finished his Ph.D. On the internal kinematic and kinetic of tube vibratory mills at TU Berlin. Between 1989 and 1995 Kurrer worked for Telefunken Sendertechnik GmbH in Berlin as a designer for antenna systems.

Since 1996, Kurrer has been chair of the working group on the History of Technology of VDI (The Association of German Engineers) in Berlin and chief editor for Stahlbau and Steel Construction – Design and Research (since 2008) – both journals at Ernst & Sohn publishers. He was chairman of the scientific committee of the III. International Congress on Construction History (May 20-24, 2009, Cottbus, Germany). Kurrer has published more than 170 papers and several monographs, e.g. The History of the Theory of Structures (2008) and Geschichte der Baustatik. Auf der Suche nach dem Gleichgewicht (2016). Currently, Kurrer is preparing the second, considerably enlarged, edition of his The History of the Theory of Structures (June 2018, 1200 p.).