Name: Holzer

First name: Stefan

Function: Prof. Dr.

Affiliation: Eth Zurich, Institut Denkmalpflege Und Bauforschung

Country: Switzerland



CV: Stefan M. Holzer (*1963) is a civil engineer and construction historian, focusing on all aspects of historical structures, from on-site surveys through evaluation of contemporary written and pictorial sources to numerical analysis with finite element methods. After positions as a professor of applied mechanics at the Civil Engineering departments of the University of Stuttgart (1995-2001) and the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich (2001-2016), he is currently pursuing his research at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, Switzerland, where he heads the Institut für Denkmalpflege und Bauforschung (IDB). Stefan Holzer has published a large numbrs of research articles on construction history, and, notably, several monogaphs, including a two-volume work on engineering assessment of historic structures (2013/2015).