Name: L'Héritier

First name: Maxime

Function: Prof.

Affiliation: Université Paris 8

Country: France



CV: Maxime L’Héritier is assistant professor in medieval history at the University of Paris 8 since 2012. He works in the EA 1571 laboratory (Histoire des Pouvoirs, Savoirs et Sociétés) and is an associated researcher to the Institut de Recherches sur les Archéomatériaux (CNRS UMR 5060). His research focuses on construction history and archaeometallurgy. He works on constructive techniques and on a material and economic approach of great medieval building yards. He is also interested in metal production and trade in the Middle Ages. His doctorate in archaeology was defended in 2007 and dealt with “the use of metal in gothic architecture”. In 2014, he co-organised a workshop on “Maintenance and conservation in Antiquity and the Middle Ages”.