Name: Heinemann

First name: Herdis

Function: Dr.

Affiliation: TU Delft, Heritage & Architecture department

Country: Netherlands



CV: Herdis Heinemann (*1975) is specialised in historic concrete, construction history and conservation technology. After obtaining her architectural degree in Germany, she worked as an architect and obtained her PhD at the Technical University of Delft (2013). Her research focussed on conservation of historic concrete. Aspects of the research were the generation of new knowledge on historic concrete, especially linking historical developments with material properties and heritage values, which is relevant for the development of conservation strategies. In particular she is interested in the material history and surface finishes of historic concrete, and emerge of pre-cast concrete. Herdis also worked as a senior material consultant in order to understand the influence of construction history on conservation choices in practice, and inspected several projects made with historic (pre‐cast) concrete. She is currently a post-doctoral research at the chair of Heritage & Technology at the TU Delft.