Name: Carvais

First name: Robert

Function: Mr.

Affiliation: CNRS

Country: France



CV: Robert Carvais, Historian of law, Senior researcher at the CNRS (UMR 7074 – University Paris Nanterre), Deputy director of the Centre de théorie et analyse du droit (CTAD), law professor at Paris Malaquais and Paris La Villette Architectural Schools and President of the Francophone Association on Construction History. His main field of research is the interaction between history of law and history of sciences and technology. He tries to reconsider the birth of different branches of law through theoretical sources and practical norms. His works concern public health, labour and especially construction connected with law, justice and economy. He co-edited the proceedings of the First Francophone Congress on Construction History (Edifice & Artifice) and the ones of the 4ICCH (Nuts & Bolts of Construction History). He led the online edition of Antoine Desgodets’ unpublished courses of architecture at the Academy ( and is now leading a research project on the Parisian Surveying through the 17th and 18th centuries. His PhD on the Chamber of the Building Trades is going to be published at the Librairie Droz (Switzerland). He is writing a Historical introduction on Building Law.